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All Songs On This Page Are Instrumental.

1.Towering Timber/Dave Flavin 1:29

Theme:Sneaky Fun Happy Ghosts Adventure,Production Notes: Keyboards Effects Piano Drums Tempo 118

Download 01 Towering Timber.mp3

2.Court Jester/Dave Flavin 2:21

Theme:Fun Funny Bloopers Comedy Cartoons Kids,Production Notes:Piano Different Effects Shakers Whistles Tempo148

Download 02 Court Jester.mp3

3.Sleepy Lullaby/Dave Flavin 3:48

Theme:Baby Bedtime Sleepy Reality Show,Production Notes:Keyboards Acoustic Guitar Wind and Brass Instruments String Instruments Tempo 59

Download 03 Sleepy Lullaby.mp3

4.Strike The Key/Dave Flavin 1:39

Theme:Upbeat Fun World Music Vacation Beach Outdoor Fun, Production Notes:Percussion Electric Bass Synthesizer Tempo 110

Download 04 Strike The Key.mp3

5.Rock And Roll Revisited/Dave Flavin 2:29

Theme:Upbeat Fun Surf Ocean Volleyball Summer,Production Notes:Wind And Brass Instruments Organ Bass Guitar Tempo 146

Download 05 Rock And Roll Revisited.mp3

6.Say It Again/Dave Flavin 2:08

Theme:Electronic Upbeat Fun Dance Adventure,Production Notes:Keyboards Effects Electric Guitar Bass Guitar Drums Tempo 129

Download 06 Say It Again.mp3

7.What's Up Dog/Dave Flavin 2:08

Theme:Upbeat Fun Crazy Kids Cartoons,Production Notes:Wind And Brass Instruments Effects Tempo 113

Download 07 What's Up Dog.mp3

8.Vacation Days/Dave Flavin 2:18

Theme:Upbeat Fun Family Happy Adventure,Production Notes:Keyboards Electric Guitar Electric Bass Drums Tempo 131

Download 08 Vacation Days.mp3

9.It's A Good Life/Dave Flavin 2:26

Theme:Upbeat Happy Fun Adventure,Production Notes:Electric Guitars Bass Drums Tempo 141

Download 09 It's A Good Life.mp3

10.Adventure In The Wild/Dave Flavin/Roland Rudzitis 1:45

Theme:Kids Fun Exciting Running Cartoons Adventure,Production Notes:Synthesizers Piano Fun Effects Tempo 118

Download 10 Adventure In The Wild.mp3

11.Cartwheels/Dave Flavin/Roland Rudzitis 1:23

Theme:Upbeat Happy Kids Playing Clowns Circus,Production Notes:Keyboards Bass Guitar Organ Fun Effects Tempo 128

Download 11 Cartwheels.mp3

12.Castles In The Sand/Dave Flavin/Roland Rudzitis 1:08

Theme:Fun Kids Happy Beach Fun,Production Notes:Bass Guitar Percussion Shaker Organ Tempo 12

Download 12 Castles In The Sand.mp3

13.A Child's Game/Dave Flavin/Roland Rudzitis 1:34

Theme:Upbeat Happy Kids Busy Rush Adventure,Production Notes:Piano Bells Whistles Effects Tempo 140

Download 13 A Child's Game.mp3

14.City Fun/Dave Flavin/Roland Rudzitis 1:53

Theme:Upbeat Dance Positive Good Feelings,Production Notes:Bass Guitar Keyboards Drums Tempo 119

Download 14 City Fun.mp3

15.Happy Ghost/Dave Flavin/Roland Rudzitis 2:23

Theme:Slick Goofy Fun House Sneaky,Adventure,Production Notes:Keyboards Effects Tempo 119

Download 15 Happy Ghosts.mp3

16.Lullabydream/Dave Flavin/Roland Rudzitis 1:35

Theme:Soft Bedtime Baby Family Special,Production Notes:Keyboards Piano Tempo 41

Download 16 Lullabydream.mp3

17.Snowy Holiday/Dave Flavin/Roland Rudzitis 2:11

Theme:Happy Kids Having Fun Cartoons,Production Notes:String Instruments Wind And Brass Instruments Bass Guitar Fun Sounds Tempo 118

Download 17 Snowy Holiday.mp3

18.Sunnyday/Dave Flavin/Roland Rudzitis 2:05

Theme:Upbeat Good Feelings Excited Morning News Adventure Family,Production Notes:Electric Bass Shakers Keyboards Piano Tempo 142

Download 18 Sunnyday.mp3

19.Cooks In The Kitchen/Dave Flavin/Roland Rudzitis 1:53

Theme:Busy Upbeat Action,Production Notes:Keyboards Electric Guitar Synth Drums Tempo 140

Download 19 Cooks In The Kitchen.mp3

20.Count On Me/Dave Flavin/Roland Rudzitis 2:56

Theme:Fun Happy Adventure,Production Notes:Keyboards Synth Effects Drums Tempo 130p

Download 20 Count Me In.mp3

21.Forget Me Not/Dave Flavin/Roland Rudzitis 2:07

Theme:Fun Happy Adventure,Production Notes:Keyboards Synth Effects Drums Tempo 128

Download 21 Forget Me Not.mp3

22.Party In The Sun/Dave Flavin 1:12

Theme:Fun Happy Vacation Adventure Game Show,Production Notes: Keyboards Synth Effects Steel Drums Wind Instruments Tempo 128

Download 22 Party In The Sun.mp3

23.Beachball Boogie/Dave Flavin/Roland Rudzitis 2:19

Theme:Fun Upbeat Happy Beach Vacation Action,Production Notes:Wind And Brass Instruments Piano Bass Guitar Electric Guitar Drums Tempo 145

Download 23 Beachball Boogie.mp3

24.Cart The Toons/Dave Flavin 1:49

Theme:Fun Kids Zoo Circus Cartoons Excited Amusement Park, Production Notes:Horns Bells Whistles Fun Effects Wind And Brass Instruments Tempo 138

Download 24 Cart The Toons.mp3

25.Child At PlayDave Flavin/Kenneth Favell 1:56

Theme:Fun Playing Kids,Production Notes:Wind Instruments Effects Brass Instruments Tempo 115

Download 25 Child At Play.mp3

26.Krazy Koncerto/Dave Flavin/Rolland Rudzitis 2:36

Theme:Fun Children Cartoon Circus Happy Clowns,Production Notes:Wind And Brass Instruments Cymbals Bells Whistles Horns Tempo 119

Download 26 Krazy Koncerto.mp3

27.At A Stand Still/Hamilton 1:34

Theme:Fun,Children,Cartoon,Circus,Happy Clowns,Production Notes:Wind And Brass Instruments,Cymbals,Horns, Tempo 135

Download 27 At A Stand Still.mp3

28.Circus Fun/Hamilton 1:09

Theme:Fun,Children,Cartoon,Circus,Happy Clowns,Production Notes:Wind And Brass Instruments, Cymbals,Bells,Whistles, Horns, Tempo 119

Download 28 Circus Fun.mp3

29.Circus Joy/Hamilton 2:30

Theme:Fun,Children,Cartoon,Circus,Happy Clowns,Production Notes:Piano,Drums,Electric Guitar, Tempo 135

Download 29 Circus Joy.mp3

30.Game Show Answer/Hamilton 1:01

Theme:Fun,Children,Cartoon,Circus,Happy Clowns, Game Show, Production Notes:Wind And Brass Instruments,Piano,Horns, Tempo 130

Download 30 Game Show Answer.mp3

31.Game Show Contestant/Hamilton 1:00

Theme:Fun,Children,Cartoon,Circus,Happy Clowns,Game Show,Production Notes:Wind And Brass Instruments,Cymbals, Drums,Electric Guitar,Tempo 135

Download 31 Game Show Contestant.mp3

32.Game Show Host/Hamilton 1:07

Theme:Fun,Children,Cartoon,Circus,Happy Clowns, Game Show, Production Notes:Wind And Brass Instruments,Cymbals,Bells, Whistles,Horns, Tempo 135

Download 32 Game Show Host.mp3

33.Game Show Question/Hamilton 1:00

Theme:Fun,Children,Cartoon,Circus,Happy Clowns, Game Show,Production Notes:Keyboards,Electric Guitar,Horns, Drums,Tempo 135

Download 33 Game Show Question.mp3

34.Game Show You Win/Hamilton 1:01

Theme:Show,Production Notes:Keyboards,Electric Guitar, Drums,Tempo 140

Download 34 Game Show You Win.mp3

35.Proper Etiquette/Hamilton 1:09

Theme:Fun,Children,Cartoon,Circus,Happy Clowns,Production Notes:Wind And Brass Instruments, Tempo 128

Download 35 Proper Etiquette.mp3

36.Girl Attitude/Hamilton 4:23

Theme:Fun,Children,Cartoon,Circus,Happy Clowns,Production Notes:Wind And Brass Instruments, Tempo 145

Download 36 Girl Attitude.mp3

37.Moving/Judson Lee 1:54

Theme:Fun,Family,Disney,Kids,Amusement Park,Excitement, Joy,Production Notes:Clapper,Keys,Electric Guitar,Bass Guitar,Drums,Tempo 128

Download 37 Moving.mp3

38.Color Magic/Judson Lee 1:19

Theme:Fun,Family,Disney,Kids,Amusement Park,Excitement, Joy,Production Notes:Clapper,Keys,Electric Guitar,Bass Guitar,Drums,Tempo 128

Download 38 Color Magic.mp3

39.Electric Parade/Judson Lee 1:52

Theme:Fun,Family,Kids,Amusement Park,Excitement,Joy, Production Notes:Clapper,Keys,Electric Guitar,Bass Guitar,Drums,Tempo 135

Download 39 Electric Parade.mp3

40.Pixie Dust/Judson Lee 2:01

Theme:Fun,Family,Disney,Kids,Amusement Park,Excitement, Joy, Production Notes:Clapper,Keys,Electric Guitar,Bass Guitar,Drums,Tempo 128

Download 40 Pixie Dust.mp3

41.Poking/Dave Flavin 1:24

Theme:Fun,Children,Cartoon,Circus,Happy Clowns,Production Notes:Banjo,Accordion,Slide Guitar,Clapper,Drums, Tempo 128

Download 41 Poking.mp3

42.Fresh Start/Neil Cross 2:16

Theme:Modern R&B Track With A Catchy, Quirky Synths. Great Teen Track,Production Notes:Bass,Synths,Drums,Tempo 128

Download 42 Fresh Start.mp3

43.Back In Town/Dave Flavin/Roland Rudzitis 2:31

Theme;Upbeat,Dance,Game Show,Production Notes: Keyboards, Drums,Bass Guitar,Tempo 128

Download 43 Back In Town.mp3

44.Cheese It/Dave Flavin/Roland Rudzitis 2:34

Theme:Groovy,Upbeat,Dance,Adventure,Production Notes:Wind And Brass Instruments, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar,Piano,Drums, Tempo 109

Download 44 Cheese It.mp3

45.No Cares/Dave Flavin 1:02

Theme:Swing,Dance,Upbeat And Fun,American Bandstand, Production Notes:Wind and Brass Instruments,Bass,Drums,Tempo 168

Download 45 No Cares.mp3

46.The One/Dave Flavin/Roland Rudzitis 2:05

Theme:Fun,Upbeat,Dance,Adventure,Electronic,Production Notes:Wind And Brass Instruments, Synthesizer,Bass Guitar,Drums,Tempo 110

Download 46 The One.mp3

47.Open It Up/Dave Flavin/Roland Rudzitis 2:30

Theme:Positive,Groove,Upbeat,Adventure,Game Show,Production Notes:Wind And Brass Instruments, Bass Guitar,Electric Guitar,Drums, Tempo 123

Download 47 Open It Up.mp3

48.Ricochet/Dave Flavin 2:03

Theme:Upbeat,Groovy,Disco,Adventure,Production Notes:Wind and Brass Instruments, Keyboards,Bass Guitar,Drums,Tempo 119

Download 48 Ricochet.mp3

49.Sittin Pretty/Sittin Pretty 1:01

Theme:Swing,Upbeat,Fun,Dance Big Band, Adventure,Production Notes:String Instruments, Wind and Brass Instruments, Bass Guitar, Drums,Tempo 137

Download 49 Sittin Pretty.mp3

50.Smooth Talker/Hamilton 3:08

Theme:Upbeat,Dance, Fun, Upbeat,Production Notes:Keyboards, Guitars, Horns, Drums,Bass Guitar,Tempo 128

Download 50 Smooth Talker.mp3

51.Sunnyday/Dave Flavin/Roland Rudzitis 2:06

Theme:News,Adventure,Family,Production Notes:Electric Bass,Shakers,Keyboards, Piano,Tempo 142

Download 51 Sunnyday.mp3

52.That's How I Roll/Dave Flavin 1:54

Theme:Upbeat,Groove,Dance,Sassy,70’s Disco Feel,Production Notes:Keyboards,Wind Instruments, Electric Guitar,Electric Bass, Tempo 119

Download 52 That's How I Roll.mp3